Two Day Hypnodontics Certification

for Hypnosis Practioners

Dear Hypnosis Practitioner,

Medical professionals are becoming interested in the mind/body connection, particularly as it relates to

healing and pain management. Side effects and immunities to pain medications make it difficult to treat

patients with pharmaceuticals. Hypnosis is making a resurgence in medical protocol.

Dentists are the most open to HypnoDontics and they are looking for you. This is a unique opportunity to

train with the world renound Hypnosis expert and author of “HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists and


80% of all people grow up affected by dental anxiety. This anxiety is based in infant imprinting,

negative dental experiences, exaggerated “horror” stories from childhood, friends and control issues. Even from

psychological or mental abuse originating outside the dental office, or from a general fear of needles and

medical procedures. Dental associations also recognize that as many as half the 80% avoid

dental care until their teeth hurt more than they imagine the dentist will. That’s quite a client list for you, if

only you knew how to approach them! This cycle of dental avoidance not only jeopardizes physical health

(e.g. stomach issues) but it also leads people to avoid social events and work opportunities due to poor

self-image… and when forced to seek dental work, they’ve waited so long that invasive treatment is

required. And that can reinforce their fear of dentistry! During this compressed, interactive, and easily

absorbed 2-day course, you’ll learn how to jump-start your practice offering help with issues such as

dental anxiety, bruxism, TMJ, bulimia, vomiting, reflux and more. Your clients will happily leave the

dentist’s office, after seeing you, wondering what they were so worried about all those lost years. Talk

about word of mouth! Once they learn to smile again, your clients will never forget you, will

enthusiastically recommend you to their friends, and to their dentist! Once the dentist sees how easily

clients overcome dental anxiety, they’ll readily approach you to explore other life-changing experiences to

improve other aspects of their patients’ lives. And in this course you will learn how to approach dentists.

You will learn how to identify the differences between dental anxiety, fear, and phobia and how to measure

them while recognizing the most common types of dental anxiety. How to use Elman techniques,

“Regression to Cause”, and “Parts Therapy” efficaciously. The precautions of pain removal while also

enhancing and accelerating the client’s natural self-healing abilities. Time-tested techniques for

incorporating creative visualization for maximum results while reinforcing those. How to teach the client

(and dentist) increased self-confidence using self-hypnosis. The secret to leapfrogging your specialty

hypnodontic services into a busy, full service practice. How to facilitate hypnotic techniques to overcome

gagging, to restrict or increase bleeding and salivary flow, and how to guide clients to eliminate teeth

grinding (bruxism). How to determine the most effective ways to market your professional services to

generate large numbers of referrals from the clients you treat and dentists you work with. Ways to structure

a dental training program for both the dental practitioner and their staff that supports and reinforces their

work “chairside.”

WHO SHOULD ATTEND . . . Hypnotists looking for ways to expand their scope of your practice? This course

is for all levels of practicing Consulting Hypnotists who are looking for new ways to raise their professional

profile and increase their income. The techniques you’ll learn and fine-tune in this Hypnodontics course

are easily expanded into other client issues, and the practice sessions will instill increased confidence so

you can easily integrate these skills into the rest of your hypnotic work.

Course Content: The Early History of Dentistry and Hypnotic Techniques; Dave Elman’s work in Dental

Training in Hypnosis; Dental Anxiety vs. Fear & Phobia; Measuring Dental Anxiety & Common Causes of

Dental Anxiety; The Impact of Dental Anxiety on Patient’s Daily Life; Impact of Poor Dental Health on Overall

Health; Hypnotic words to use & words/phrases to avoid; Hypnosis Inductions (Rapid and Instant) and

practice of Hypnotic Deepeners to Somnabulism; analgesia and anesthesia; Importance of Convincers &

Testing; Emerging Patients; Regression to Cause (R2C); Parts Therapy; Working with phobias inc. Agoraphobia,

Claustrophobia, Fear of Needles, Smells, “Drills” etc; Pain Control; Hypnosis for Dental Surgery; Hypnosis for

Gum Health and blood control; Stress Synopsis; Cardiovasular Issues and Dentistry Hypnosis techniques

with Children, inc. Finger Sucking, Tongue Thrusting, Nail Biting, cleft lip. Getting the word out to Dentists;

Your 30-Second Elevator Speech; A Word on Scripts;  Script Samples; Course summary and the next steps…

Course Trainer: 

Beryl Comar MA, MEd., MNLP, CHt, CI, DipTEFLA

Author of “HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists”

Awarded internationally by the National Federation of NeuroLinguistics: “Trainer of the Year” 2005,

“Platinum Master Trainer” 2007, National Guild of Hypnotists: “Outstanding Presenter” 2007, “Award of

the Council of the Braid” 2010, “HallMark Award” 2014.

Based in Dubai and Spain, Beryl has appeared on Dubai One TV, and has been featured in

newspapers and magazines throughout the Middle East inc. Gulf News, Khaleej Times, 7 Days, G4Men,

Emirates Woman. Beryl teaches EQ/NLP to Dubai Police and oil companies. Hypnodontics World was

founded as a result of the success of her book “HypnoDontics” in the U.S.A.

Beryl trains and certifies Dentists and Hypnotists in HypnoDontics all over the world.


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