This Technique is Changing Dentists’ Practices and their Patients’ Lives.

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Dental Apprehension is costly in time, money and emotions. It affects not only the image of dentistry but the experience of oral health for everybody.

Janet Crain


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I’ve read your book, and it’s amazing. I have used hypnosis with my clients and the results have been fantastic… I’ve been using hypnosis since 2012 and I’m very excited about it.

Maximillian Almeida, Brazil

Dental Practitioner

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“HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists” is the most comprehensive book on HypnoDontics

for both certified hypnotists and dental practitioners, including dentists, orthodontists, dental hygienists,

dental nurses and technicians, etc…

Our trainings are up to date, practical as well as recommended by experts in hypnosis, business and dentistry,


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