Two Day Hypnodontics Certification

for Dental Practioners

 Dear Dental Practitioner,

This is a unique opportunity to train with the world renownd hypnosis expert and author of “HypnoDontics:

A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists,” Beryl Comar. Medical professionals are taking advantage of the

mind/body connection, particularly as it relates to healing and pain management.

In 1986, Dr. Earl Bakken defined cyberphysiology as the study of how neurally mediated autonomic

responses can be modified by a learning process. Hypnosis is a cyberphysiologic strategy that enables the

patient to develop voluntary control of certain physiological processes. Several studies have supported the

effectiveness of hypnosis in both acute and chronic pain management.

This is your next step in mental-dental competencies. Grabbing this opportunity to be amongst the leaders

and prominent thinkers in your profession takes you into a leadership role. Not only will your patients

benefit but you benefit as your stress levels reduce with happier, more relaxed patients and your own use

of self-hypnosis.

Course Content:

The Early History of Dentistry and Hypnotic Techniques.

Examples of Dental Training in Hypnosis Dental Anxiety Defined Anxiety vs. Fear & Phobia.

Measuring Dental Anxiety & Common  Causes of Dental Anxiety.

The Steps and Flowchart of Process to Hypnosis Building rapport, self, staff, environment &  pre-visit.

Hypnotic words to use & words/phrases to avoid.

Hypnosis Inductions (Rapid and Instant).

Demonstration & Practice of Hypnotic Deepeners, to Somnabulism, analgesia and anesthesia.

Demonstration & Practice of the Importance of Convincers & Testing.

Demonstration & Practice of Emerging Patients.

Working with phobic patients inc. Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Fear of Needles, Smells, Drills, etc.

Pain Control.

Demonstration & the practice of Hypnosis for gum health and blood control.

Chair-Side Stress & Stress relief for Dentists.

Demonstration & Practice Hypnosis techniques with Children.

A Word on Scripts & Script Samples.

How to locate and work with a Certified Hypnotist .

Course summary and the next steps.

Course Trainer:

Beryl Comar MA, MEd., MNLP, CHt, CI, DipTEFLA

Author of “HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists”

Awarded internationally by the National Federation of NeuroLinguistics: “Trainer of the Year” 2005,

“Platinum Master Trainer” 2007, National Guild of Hypnotists: “Outstanding Presenter” 2007, “Award of

the Council of the Braid” 2010, “HallMark Award” 2014.

Based in Dubai and Spain, Beryl has appeared on Dubai One TV, and has been featured in

newspapers and magazines throughout the Middle East inc. Gulf News, Khaleej Times, 7 Days, G4Men,

Emirates Woman. Beryl teaches EQ/NLP to Dubai Police and oil companies. Hypnodontics World was

founded as a result of the success of her book “HypnoDontics” in the U.S.A.

Beryl trains and certifies Dentists and Hypnotists in HypnoDontics all over the world.


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